The Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory (ABiL) is a collaboration between IHRC, Inc., ASRT, Inc., and Georgia Institute of Technology’s Bioinformatics Graduate Program.  ABiL provides tailored bioinformatics solutions and workforce development training to government, academic, non-profit, and industry sectors.  With vast experience and background, ABiL provides end-to-end project management from conception to planning, execution and publication for its partners.

Scalable Algorithm Development

We understand that the traditional bioinformatics methods were not designed to accommodate the ever growing size and number of genomic datasets in biology.  At ABiL, we specialize in developing novel bioinformatics algorithms that are fast and have a low memory footprint to handle data analysis at scale, obviating the need to buy expensive hardware.  Our flagship scalable algorithms can be found below:

Human ancestry analysis coming soon...

Human Ancestry

Rapid Dashboard Development

We have extensive skillsets and experience in developing dashboards and web platforms to host your scientific analyses and results.  Some examples of our recent dashboard developments include

Novel Bioinformatics Pipelines

Over the last decade, we have built a number of bioinformatics pipelines for analyzing a wide variety of omics datasets.  Many of these development efforts have entailed developing novel approaches to effectively handle data analysis.  Some of our recent publicly accessible pipelines include


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