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The Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory (ABiL) is a collaboration between IHRC, Inc., ASRT, Inc., and Georgia Institute of Technology’s Bioinformatics Graduate Program.  ABiL provides tailored bioinformatics solutions and workforce development training to government, academic, non-profit, and industry sectors.  With vast experience and background, ABiL provides end-to-end project management from conception to planning, execution and publication for its partners.

IHRC, Inc.

  • Extensive knowledge of the public health mission and intricate familiarity with the operations of public health institutes

  • Effective project management and client engagement from project inception to completion to ensure success and mitigation of risks

  • Providing bioinformatics expertise and advanced molecular detection solutions to support the FDA and CDC since 2011

ASRT, Inc.

  • Understanding of the government and private sector capacities, especially in the area of public health

  • Charter innovative science and technology-based solutions to advance efforts in the fields of health, science, and medicine

  • Established reputation for delivering professionalism and a commitment to quality

Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Demonstrated success in the development of cutting edge bioinformatics solutions

  • Pioneering bioinformatics graduate program with over 15 years of experience

  • Powerful clusters with big data and high performance computing (HPC) capabilities

Core Competencies

ABiL strives to stay on the forefront of bioinformatics innovation in order to integrate cutting edge solutions into our work.  We provide customized solutions based on our client’s needs.  Our abilities include, but are not limited to:

Bioinformatics research & development

  • Routine bioinformatics analyses, e.g., genome assembly, SNP calling, 16S and metagenomics diversity analysis

  • Bioinformatics pipeline development for automated and standardized data analysis and submission

  • Genomics and proteomics, e.g., DNA-seq, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, microarrays and mass spectrometry

  • Molecular typing, e.g., molecular epidemiology, antibiotic resistance profiling and genotype-to-phenotype analysis

  • Big data analysis, e.g., high performance and cloud computing, machine learning and high dimensional clustering analysis

Bioinformatics consulting

  • Bioinformatics solutions and support for all research areas

  • Iterative approach through client engagement

  • Knowledge of the public health mission and familiarity with the operations of government entities

  • Offsite and onsite support availability

  • Data visualization support for publications and presentations

Workforce development
ABiL has developed a series of workforce development modules to train professionals in the latest bioinformatics and genomics analysis tools.  ABiL’s repertoire consists of 35 bioinformatics courses with over 100 days of training material and the ability to provide tailored training material designed around customer’s needs.  These courses are designed on the active-learning paradigm and focus on imparting practical skills as well as the theoretical underpinnings of the subject.

Contract Vehicles & Certifications
  • Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

  • GSA 66-1000: Professional Scientific Services

  • GSA Schedule 70 SIN 132.51: IT Professional Services

  • GSA Schedule 70 SIN 132.56: Health IT Services

  • SeaPort-e

  • CIO-SP3 (Subcontractor)

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