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  • What is your standard bioinformatics research pricing?
    The bioinformatics pricing differs from project to project. The initial consultation is done free of cost. Our standard bioinformatics pricing can be found on the Pricing page.
  • How does ABiL approach a project?
    We adopt an iterative approach for each of our projects and we like to closely involve our clients to ensure their needs are met. To assure protection of intellectual property, a non-disclosure agreement is formalized between the parties. We then draft a proposal detailing the client's needs, our bioinformatics approach to the project, along with the timeline and expected cost. Upon client's approval of the proposal and acceptance of the contractual agreement, ABiL formally begins the project. We provide regular updates to the project and adjust the approach of the ongoing project as needed. On completion of the project, a detailed report of the work performed and publication quality figures are provided back to the client. Any additional support for manuscript preparation is also provided.
  • What is the advantage of choosing ABiL?
    ABiL is a unique bioinformatics resource that combines the powerful talents of two remarkably experienced entities: IHRC, Inc., and Georgia Institute of Technology. Our partners at IHRC provide us with their extensive experience and knowledge in program management, whereas Georgia Tech's leadership in bioinformatics helps us utilize cutting-edge bioinformatics tools and methodologies. With ABiL, you have access to professional bioinformatics services and training with a transparent and collaborative approach, provided by a dedicated team of full-time bioinformatics scientists.
  • How much does the bioinformatics training cost?
    The bioinformatics training can range from $50/hour to $100/hour per participant. Large group discounts are available. For more details, please visit our Pricing page.
  • Where can training take place?
    Our training modules are portable and can be provided at client's location. We also have a dedicated training facility at Georgia Tech, Atlanta where we provide regular training to participants from around the US. For non-local participants, temporary accommodations can be arranged at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center.
  • What are the typical training class sizes?
    Our typical training class size is 10-15 participants. For a custom, dedicated training class, size is negotiable.
  • Are all of these training available to every type of institution?
    Yes, there are no restrictions on the institution type.
  • If I am a CDC employee, how can I participate in these training?"
    If you have approval from your supervisor, our courses are offered routinely under the Advanced Molecular Detection (AMD) initiative as well as the CDC University. If you were not able to participate in a training or would like custom training, please contact us at
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