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ABiL delivers applied bioinformatics and programming workforce development courses

ABiL helps public health laboratories implement cutting-edge technologies through bioinformatics solutions to answer public health questions of prime importance

Atlanta, August 13, 2018 – Today almost all life scientists need additional bioinformatics resources to maximize the benefits of the ‘-omics’ revolution. IHRC, Inc.’s Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory (ABiL) is meeting this need with a wide array of tools ranging from hours long courses on graphical presentation of data to days-weeks-months long trainings on genome assembly, comparison, database construction, etc. and other ‘-omics’ applications.

Over 1,000 participants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and 30 U.S. state Public Health Laboratories have taken ABiL’s workforce development courses in applied bioinformatics and programming to enhance their bioinformatics knowledge and skillsets.

The applied courses include hands-on practice working with real world datasets, focusing on bioinformatics workflows and pipelines that are routinely used in infectious disease surveillance and outbreak investigations. These include computational genomics pipelines, comparative genomics analyses and machine learning to help scientists answer various questions about organisms of interest. Participants can directly apply the skills they learn to their work, using cutting-edge sequencing techniques to answer public health questions.

The programming courses focus on specific programming languages routinely used in bioinformatics (Linux, Perl, Python and R) so that participants can create their own pipelines for more customized bioinformatics analyses, with tools tailored to their individual research questions.

ABiL courses are designed and delivered by highly experienced, full-time bioinformaticians. Also, ABiL is developing online applied bioinformatics workforce development courses to provide scientists with the resources to learn bioinformatics skills at their own pace.

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About ABiL

Established in 2014, ABiL is a private-public partnership between IHRC, Inc. and Georgia Institute of Technology. Built to provide unmatched bioinformatics support and training, ABiL consists of a dedicated team of full-time bioinformatics scientists with several decades of individual research experience. ABiL provides quality R&D output, computational tools development and capacity building.

About IHRC, Inc.

Founded in 2007, IHRC, Inc. is an international consulting and professional services corporation that specializes in supporting federal and state government organizations, international public health organizations, and industry.

IHRC offers a robust profile of services spanning the areas of Science and Health, Information Management, Management Consulting, Bioinformatics, and Global Health.

For more information about IHRC, Inc., please visit

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