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ABiL publishes a new article in PLOS Genetics

The Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory (ABiL) recently published an article in PLOS Genetics showing that distinct ancestry profiles reflect historical migration patterns.

The Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory (ABiL) recently published an article in PLOS Genetics detailing the results of their analysis of Native Americans and the descendants of African, Western European, and Spanish migrants and settlers in the US, that shows that distinct ancestry profiles within these three groups reflect historical migration patterns.  Details of the findings can be found in articles published on Genomeweb and EurekAlert!

About ABiL Established in 2014, ABiL is a private-public partnership between IHRC, Inc. and Georgia Institute of Technology. Built to provide unmatched bioinformatics support and training, ABiL consists of a dedicated team of full-time bioinformatics scientists with several decades of individual research experience. ABiL provides quality R&D output, computational tools development and capacity building. For more information about ABiL, please visit About IHRC, Inc. Founded in 2007, IHRC, Inc. is an international consulting and professional services corporation that specializes in supporting federal and state government organizations, international public health organizations, and industry. IHRC offers a robust profile of services spanning the areas of Science and Health, Information Management, Management Consulting, Bioinformatics, and Global Health. For more information about IHRC, Inc., please visit

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